Critical equipment replacement and infrastructure projects can be some of the most challenging for facilities. Whelks specializes in detailed planning and execution of even the most complex infrastructure replacement projects, from electrical switchgear to HVAC components and plumbing systems. Whelks will deliver your project with extensive planning and communication and minimal impact to your operations.

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OSHPD 3 and MOB construction is a complex and diverse field, and Whelks has expertise in each element of this marketplace. While Hospital construction is typically driven by capital dollar cycles, Outpatient facilities are driven by commercial real estate factors such as lease agreements and TI allowances. Whelks is adept at working within the pro-forma necessary to keep your practice financially healthy while delivering you a world-class facility, within the requirements of applicable regulatory agencies.

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OSHPD 1 Construction is our first and foremost specialty, where the Whelks team has the most experience and knowledge. From our 20+ years of experience working in hospitals, we can support our clients’ operations and projects by understanding how construction affects the facility and hospital operations. Our #1 priority is continuity of patient care, and we are experts in planning and executing work in a manner that allows patient care to continue uninterrupted.

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